Merchandising within Lowe’s Multilingual Visual Standards


Bring together drains and toilet flange POG in Rough Plumbing aisle at Lowe’s


With “Do-It-Yourself” and “Do-It For-Me” consumers shopping the big boxes at locations like Lowe’s, R solutions recognized that Oatey’s retail presentation needed to effectively speak to the average retail consumer as opposed to plumbing contractors, as had been the previous target audience.

With that in mind, R solutions developed, within the Lowe’s Multi Lingual Visual Standard, merchandising and packaging that doubled Oatey’s product turns in the rough plumbing aisle. Clear communication on the packaging facilitated aisle navigation and product selection which, in turn, drove sales. Not only do these Point-of-Purchase materials aid the end user in product selection, they help retail associates understand the products selling within their category.